Serious and Catastrophic Injury Solicitor

Professional, honest and confidential solicitor

When you’ve been the victim of a serious injury, Whether it be personal injury or medical negligence, it is not just the physical rehabilitation that needs to be cared for, you need a Serious Injury Specialist Solicitor who understands the effects of the injury and the fact that it can be life changing, which may require you to need early rehabilitation and/or treatment.

You will need peace of mind that comes with having your case handled by a solicitor whose  extensive experience can help you get the right compensation and therefore the right rehabilitation


About us:

Shirley Giani and her team are passionate and committed to winning every single case they take on. We’re dedicated to getting results and pride ourselves in our ability to settle most cases through skilled negotiation – and when settlement cannot be reached, our success rates in taking cases to trial are unparalleled.

Nearly every case we take on is pro-bono – in other words, we have a no win-no fee policy.

Shirley Giani and her team work out of Duncan Lewis Solicitors (in the city of London) and from Setfords solicitors (for Surrey clients).


What makes us different::

  • We have many years of experience in the area of personal injury claims and medical negligence claims which can give you reassurance that your case will be dealt with correctly, and successfully.
  • Our team are driven to helping those most in need in our society – vulnerable people and those with serious and complex injuries.
  • We can help you achieve the right compensation, rehabilitation, which will help you rebuild your life.
  • We will assess your case on a no-obligation basis. Then, if you decide to proceed, we operate a strict no win-no fee policy
  • We are dedicated to helping you rebuild your life. By acquiring interim payments, we are able to help you get much needed rehabilitation fast – when you need it most.
  • Contact us on free phone  0330 050 0210 for a free no obligation discussion today.